Saturday, July 27, 2013

Green smoothie for shiny skin and hair

I found this youtube clip and immediately got interested.

This smoothie gets you shiny, glowing skin and hair.
I can recommend it to myself, since I´ve tested it.
You´re able to influence your body positively with natural ingredients  which is something I strongly advocate.
Also it tastes quite alright.
There's tastier smoothies like the one I wrote in my previous post, but the feeling when you drink this and know how the body absorbs all the nutrients makes this drink irresistible.
With just these ingredients below you can create this health drink.

Roman salad
Leaf spinach

Click here to go to the smoothie

The video I have enclosed will help you see how to make this smoothie.
Not the most fun and most exclusive youtube clip I've seen, but it's good enough for this purpose if you understand English.
So watch, enjoy and let it be well tasted.
Good Luck!

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