Monday, January 6, 2014

Get rid of dry, flaky winter skin

Now, in the winter you have to think a little extra of your precious skin. The cold and dry air takes heavy toll on our skin. With these six simple tips below, you can keep your delicate skin in winter .

Keep your delicate skin in winter
For a good winter skin - follow these six advices:

  1. Go for lukewarm baths and showers instead of hot water , to warm namely dries out the skin , so lowering your temepartur in the bath. Skip harsh soaps with too much perfume when they also cause the skin to become flaky . When you wipe you do not tear you dry, without dabbing gently with the towel.
  2. When it's dry and cold, you should not exfoliate too much. Choose mild products to do that, not to irritate the skin and do not pee too often.
  3. Winter Tired complexion demands plenty of hydration. Look for products with a prolonged effect , and remember to apply a rich cream before you go to bed so you do not wake up like a raisin in the morning.
  4. If you want to keep the skin soft and smooth while doing a good thing for the environment , you should help to increase the warmth of home. 18 degrees indoor temperature recommended by the World Health Organization . If you are cold , it is better to put on an extra sweater . Both the environment and your skin will thank you !
  5. A hot tip is to invest in a humidifier that helps to neutralize the air at home . This usually works well for winter dry skin , and the air becomes much more pleasant to breathe.
  6. Good creams are important but equally important is what you put in you. Moisturize from the inside by drinking lots of water and eating good healthy foods such as fatty fish that are rich in beneficial omega- 3 fats . If you are vegetarian , you can try to eat peppers, avocado and pumpkin even as they hate a good impact on your well-being and your skin.

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