Sunday, December 22, 2013

Take care of your cold

Now I am laying here with a cold and thought to share a little cold tip for you.
We all want to the miserable cold to go over as soon as possible.

This is what I usually do
  • Get plenty of rest, stress prolongs the time
  • Swallow whole white peppercorns 8 pieces a day
  • Boil water with 5 cm ginger, 1 teaspoon cloves, 1 large whole cardamom and a little anise. Boil 30 minutes and strain it. Drink hot every hour. You can put a little honey too
  • Rinse your nose with Netipot
  • Drink c vitamin C
  • Lemon - Lemon is antiseptic and astringent seems. The swelling of the throat and nose decreases with the help of fruit juice and peel. Lemon is additionally loaded with vitamin C, which boosts the immune system. Squeeze fresh juice and drink or gargle (sweeten with honey if it becomes too acidic).
  • Carrots - Carrots are expectorant and has a slight bactericidal effect. Raw Grated carrots to the food, a warming soup or a juice of carrot, orange and ginger is especially good for colds.
  • Garlic - The tasty onion contains antibacterial compounds and can also guard against viral infections. Let sliced ​​cloves pull together with honey and thyme overnight. Then take a teaspoon against respiratory problems and sore throats.

Now I hope your cold will go over very quickly.
Good luck


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