Sunday, January 5, 2014

Eat your way to less menstrual pain

Menstrual pain is due to contractions and spasms of the uterine muscle, which is stimulated by the hormone-like substance prostaglandin . By changing your diet can affect prostaglandin and thus reduce pain. In addition, there are other foods that help the muscles to relax , which may also affect the uterine muscle positive.
I have the answers to how your diet can help relieve your menstrual cramps. Stop gorging yourself unnecessary pain pills and help your body in a natural way instead.

Heat against menstrual pain
Menstrual pain caused by the uterus contracts to expel mucosa. Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain which counteracts prostaglandins, which would otherwise contribute to inflammation and joint pain. Bromelain is therefore said to have an anti- inflammatory effect and helps the uterine muscles to relax, which suppresses menstrual pain.
Pineapples against menstual pain
Broccoli contains a large amount amount of magnesium , which is also called "nature's tranquilizer " because it is essential for nerves and muscles to function effectively. One of its important functions is to get the muscles to relax after contraction .

Broccoli agains menstrual pain

Raspberries are high in fiber , which alleviates menstrual pain by helping the body retained a healthy hormone balance. Fibers cleans the digestive system and helps to eliminate waste products from the body. When the hormones estrogen and progesterone have been used by the reproductive system , they are processed by the liver and then go out of the body when we have to do number two. If we do not regularly go to the bathroom , the hormones stay in the body , and begin to act on the uterus, ovaries and brain. This process causes an imbalance in the menstrual cycle and can cause pain . Therefore it is important to eat fiber so that you are constantly clearing out the offending substances.

Raspberries agains menstrual pain
Eggs are full of omega-3 fats ( lineolic acid). Linoleic acid is a fatty acid that helps healthy uterine muscle to relax by acting anti-inflammatory. Other foods that contain linoleic acid include salmon , tuna , romaine lettuce and walnuts.

Eggs against menstrual pain
Spinach is rich in calcium , which prevents menstrual cramps by helping your body maintain a natural muscle tension. Calcium deficiency can cause menstrual cramps and water retention (you pee on you). Other foods that contain calcium are beans , almonds and kale.

Spinach agains menstrual pain
Pumpa seeds
A handful of pumpkin seeds provide a good dose of zinc , which can reduce spasm. Other zinc sources include seafood and legumes. Seeds and nuts also contain vitamin E , which can help reduce inflammation.

Pumpa seeds agains menstrual pain

Do not eat !
One of the best tricks to avoid menstrual cramps is to eat smaller meals more frequently to keep blood sugar at a steady level . Avoid too much red meat and dairy products as they increase the risk of seizures when they promote the production of prostaglandins .

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