Sunday, December 15, 2013

Healthy and tasty dinner

Yesterday I made a really tasty dinner with a lot of healthy ingredients.
This was so appreciated by the family that I would like to share it with you. I found a recipe and composed ​​it for my own taste.
I named it: "Saffron pasta with shrimp and tomato
The recipe is :
• Olive oil
• 0.5 g saffron
• Salt and pepper
• 1 yellow onion
• In clove garlic
• A little fresh or frozen basil
• Pasta Sauce with chili
• Frozen or fresh vegetables
• Coctailtomates
• Shrimp
• Parsley leaves
• Cream or creme fraiche
• Whole grain pasta

Start to burn the spices in oil in a wok yarn.
Then pour the chopped onion and garlic. Stir all the time.
Now you take the vegetables you want and woks them ready . Pour the Basilica.
Fold in the tomatoes and pour the pasta sauce .
Stir gently often .
Finish with a dash of cream or creme fraiche for a creamier and richer taste.
Pour into pre- cooked whole grain pasta and the shrimps. They shall only get warm. Not cook
Mix everything around and finish with fresh parsley leaves .
Serve with steamed Brussels sprouts.

Yummie and good luck

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