Saturday, September 21, 2013

Neti Pot, your sinuses best friend

Nasal cleansing improves your overall health and is recommended today by doctors for cold, stuffy nose, pollen allergy, asthma and sinus problems. You clean your nose from dirt and it can be used as part of a Detox.
Nasal cleansing is an old tradition in Ayurveda and has its roots from India. Yogi rinses their nose every day to prevent infections and to experience greater mental clarity.
The more regularly you rinse your nose, the greater and more lasting the effect it will make.
Nasal wash stimulates and range of the area around the eyes and forehead. This can relieve tension headaches and improve eyesight and sense of smell, as well as being an aid to quit smoking.
I use my Netipot almost every day. My sinus problems and my colds have decreased considerably since I started using it.
When you rinse your nose you shall use lukewarm water. Pour in sea salt with the dimension that comes with, and stir until dissolved. Remember not to rinse your nose just before you are going out in the cold. A little water stays in the sinuses for a while and then cool down rapidly and causes more trouble than good.
I therefore recommend that you do it in the evening when you come home from work and you know you are not going out again.
Be sure to keep your Netipot clean from bacteria and dry. You do not want to have the bad bacteria in your sinuses.
Have questions or want to know more, contact us.

If you want to se a movie of how good the Netipot is, look here.

Good Luck!

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