Saturday, September 7, 2013

Meditate by the ocean and use its energy to heal yourself

Last night I went for a walk by the sea. There was an amazing sunset and I decided for a moment of meditation. With this meditation I retrieve power and new energy from the sea.

Do like this:
Stand with your arms out and breathe slowly a few breaths. Now start to bread deep with your belly. Focusing on the path of the air, from the mouth down to the lungs and back.
Imagine that you are breathing in white light with energy and power that strengthens your body. And out blue light that brings your illnesses, your worries and negative thoughts out from your body.
Do so for about five minutes. Think all the time on the breath, and your will not mind to wander.
Now imagine that you are breathing with your whole body. In and out. With the feet, legs, arms, all body parts.
Do so until you feel completely relaxed.
Now, let you become one with the ocean. Inhale as the ocean and listen to the ocean's rhythm. Feel the sea inside you.
Imagine how quiet and still everything is under the surface and feel the serenity become one with you.
Continue as long as you want.

Good luck and enjoy life.

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