Sunday, November 17, 2013

Beetroot for blood , muscles and your immune system

Beetroot contains much of three important topics for your blood, your muscles and your immune system . It´s, vitamin B , vitamin C and potassium.Beetroot increases cellular oxygen uptake . When you get a better cell ventilation it results in keeping heart, muscles , and nervous system in good condition. I think you should grant yourself to eat beets regularly for your health's sake .There are also those who believe that beets have a tight effect on the skin as beetroot contains the substance hyaluronic acid. So why not go for it . Moreover, the beetroot tastes extremely good .You can use it raw in salads. You can bake it in the oven with other root vegetables , or you can make a delicious beetroot juice .Recipes can be found below .An acidic body is not good to have . One gets easier diseases and bacteria thrive. Beets helps to stabilize the pH value in the body. Good for you.Then make this delicious juice :Use a juicerTake three beetsA small piece of fresh gingerThe juice from one limeA bunch of crushed ice.You can also , advantageously , beetroot juice mix with apple juice and orange, it's delicious!

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