Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Positive New Year promises

It is important to have a positive designed New Year's resolutions. Say for example that you should eat vegetables three times a week instead of having that new year's resolution to NOT eat chocolate at all.

Beware of words like always, never or
not! Why? Promising yourself for much of the change can paradoxically increase the risk that it will not last. Broken promises can become a danger to eventually get a self-image that says you can not succeed with things.

Therefore, this year I designed these New Year's resolutions for me

  1. Health above all
  2. Live more in the moment and seize the moment
  3. To continue to grow and develop myself
  4. To continue writing my novel

Please write to me and tell me about your New Year's resolutions and give me and my readers inspiration.
I wish you all a full and healthy 2014 <3

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