Friday, August 9, 2013

Distance healing by sound

Now I have tried distance healing by sound. A very powerful and special experience.
By giving my name, and my personal id number, the healer can connect to me. He said that some of the healing always slip out and affect other people positively. 
Now I have made this twice to be absolutely sure and it is no doubt that it works. 
I truly believe this works for everyone and I really recommend it. 
So how does it work?
I give him my name, id and a list saying, 1, 2, 3, etc
This number I write to myself as well on a piece of paper. Then next to the numbers I write my problems, the words at nr 1 and so on. For example: 1: pain, 2: sadness.....
Now this list is registered in my brain, in my subconscious so the healer can feel and work with it. 
We decide an exact time for this and I lay in my bed relaxing with nor my arms or legs crossed. I make sure that nothing can disturb me and then it begins. I can feel when it begins by the strongly tingling sensation in my cheek. Then after five minutes I fall asleep, because it effects the body so strongly. 
When he stops I get wide awake. I immediately feels that it has stopped. 

Do like me and take care of your body. Reduce your problems. 
Have a great healing day!!

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